8 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance


Travelling abroad whether it is for a short or long trip can be an extremely stressful time.  The last thing you want to think about is getting sick or injured. Unfortunately, sometimes these things happen. If you get sick or are injured whilst away it could have financial consequences for years to come.

There are potentially hundreds of reasons why you might need to purchase travel insurance, from the airline losing your bags to a freak weather event resulting in your flights being cancelled, remember the Icelandic Volcanic ash cloud in 2010?

Here are just 8 of the most common reasons to purchase travel insurance:

  1. Your luggage gets lost by your airline.
  2. Your flights get cancelled.
  3. The airline you flew out on goes out of business before your return flight.
  4. You have an accident whilst on your holiday and require emergency medical treatment.
  5. Your possessions get stolen from your hotel room.
  6. A member of your family gets ill before your trip and you need to cancel it unexpectedly.
  7. There is a terrorist incident in the location you’re planning to visit and you want to cancel the trip as a result.
  8. Travel insurance is surprisingly inexpensive.

Travel costs enough on its own without the potential extra costs of dealing with emergencies and unexpected. Protect yourself for your next trip.

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